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About Us

Selig's orgins date back over 120 years, and today, we continue to lead the industry with innovative, consumer perfered induction seals and closure liners

Our Mission

Selig Group is the largest manufacturer of tamper-evident cap/closure lining material in the world. But at the same time we are a small company and see ourselves as having a natural advantage to be more responsive and flexible than our competitors.

Selig's mission is to provide our customers with extremely high levels of responsiveness and flexibility in serving and determining their packaging needs-levels unmatched by anyone in our industry.

Sealing Solutions: 120 years ... and counting

Selig's strength and experience as a global leader of sealing solutions dates back to 1890 with the founding of the Safe Glass Company by John S. Giles. The 1905 merger with a closure company from San Francisco, California resulted in the name Hermetic Cap & Glass Company, the 1st known in-house liner manufacturing facility. With the acquisition of the Unipac Corporation in 2008 and ISCO in 2011, under one name, Selig Group brings you the core benefits, knowledge and rich history of the legends in global sealing solutions: Insulec, Unipac, 3M, Sonoco Capseals, Malborough Packaging and Selig. Behrman Capital is the majority shareholder of Selig Group.

Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, Selig encompasses an unsurpassed knowledge level and product offering when it comes to induction seals and closure liners.

Selig Today

Featuring reliable, innovative, quality products that cover a broad range of applications such as: food, pharmaceutical, agricultural chemical, beverage and cosmetics, Selig’s comprehensive range of both one piece (Uni-Gard™ and FoilSeal™), and two piece structures (Safe-Gard™ and FoilSeal™) give us the ability to meet the most demanding worldwide applications with one of our 600 customized aluminum foil / heat-seal combinations. In addition, our innovative products, such as Lift ‘n’ Peel™, Top Tab™, AromaSeal™ and AromaPeel™ offer a ‘built in easy opening feature’ that provides greater convenience to the consumer while providing differentiation to the brand owners.

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