Our Vision

To be our customers’ chosen global provider of innovative packaging solutions that protect, seal, and enhance the brands we serve.

The Combined Experience of Six Companies

Selig’s strength and experience began in 1890 as a global leader of packaging solutions.  After the 1905 merger with a closure company, the business became known as the Hermetic Cap & Glass Company. Many successful decades followed, and the liner business was introduced as Selig Group.

With the most recent acquisitions of Unipac (2008), ISCO (2011) and PSI (2021), Selig Group brings you the core benefits, knowledge and rich history of these founders and legends in custom packaging and sealing solutions.


Marlborough Packaging

Sonoco Capseals



Products and Markets

Selig Group offers a comprehensive range of reliable, innovative, and quality sealing and packaging solutions. Our container sealing product lines include primary seals, induction seals, glue applied, induction bond as well as vented sealing solutions (psix.com).  Our flexible packaging solutions feature sustainable alternatives for all common single and high barrier multi-layer materials for food, pharmaceutical or technical applications. (seligflexibles.com)  Our extensive portfolio of products and solutions provides our customers and brand owners with confidence in Selig as a leading global packaging provider.




Personal Care