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Peanut Butter Case Study

The global peanut butter market reached a value of US$ 3.5 Billion in 2018[i]. Thanks to it being high in fibre and protein, its healthy profile has led to it becoming one of the most consumed food spreads across the globe. With health and wellbeing and plant-based trends driving consumer purchasing worldwide, it is predicted that the global value of peanut butter will continue to rise and reach US$ 5 Billion by 2024.

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Zipz™ Wine Single Serve

The ZIPZ™ wine package is an easy-to-open wine glass made from PET resin that allows single serve consumption of wine in venues that normally would not allow glass for safety or other reasons. The package is shaped like a wine glass so it has immediate recognition by the consumer. The zippered outer shrink sleeve allows easy access to the wine glass, thus the name 'ZIPZ'. The wine glass is sealed by an easy to remove Lift 'n' Peel™ brand induction liner.

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Consumers Prefer Lift 'n' Peel™

Product packaging has become the “silent salesperson” on the shelf trying to close the deal and entice consumers to purchase your brand over the competition. Those responsible for product packaging design and marketing try various techniques from catchy and vibrant label designs to innovative package shapes meant to attract the consumer to their product, however, consumer friendly packaging, leak prevention, and freshness continue to be the highest ranking and most sought after package attributes.

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