Peanut Butter Case Study

The global peanut butter market reached a value of US$ 3.5 Billion in 2018[i]. Thanks to it being high in fiber and protein, its healthy profile has led to it becoming one of the most consumed food spreads across the globe. With health and wellbeing and plant-based trends driving consumer purchasing worldwide, it is predicted that the global value of peanut butter will continue to rise and reach US$ 5 Billion by 2024.

Although sales of peanut butter are at a record high, the product can be a difficult one to package. This is because its high oil content can degrade packaging seals, particularly when it is put in glass jars. This was the problem faced by one food producer in the UK. The company’s existing peanut butter glass jar seal was failing to provide a 100% hermetic seal and subsequent leakage and customer dissatisfaction were becoming an issue.

Before the issue became a significant problem for the producer’s large retail customer, a solution needed to be found. The retailer wanted to continue to receive the product in glass, as it suited the premium nature of the product, but the food producer needed to find a sealing system that would be fully leak-proof, yet still promote shelf-life and tamper-evidence.

To resolve the issue the food producer worked with Selig, a global leader in sealing solutions. Selig replaced the original seal with the company’s DELTASEAL™ liner, combined with its proprietary GlassFuze™ heat sealing technology. Selig’s DELTASEAL™ liner incorporates a temporary polymer bond between the foil and reseal board, so that when opened after induction sealing, the foil separates from the board and remains on the container. The foil maintains a smooth, glossy, residue-free appearance, improving the product’s appearance. Thanks to Selig’s GlassFuze™ heat sealing technology, the liner is 100% hermetically sealed to the glass container, despite the high oil content of the peanut butter. Importantly, after sealing with this method, the induction heat seal deters tampering and ensures the peanut butter reaches the consumer without risk of leaking.

Sara Slade, Sales Manager at Selig comments: “In recent Selig consumer research focused on foodstuffs such as milk and peanut butter, we found that the most important issues for consumers were safety, leak prevention and freshness. Thanks to Selig’s innovative sealing technology, it is now possible for food and beverage producers to seal oily and fluid products such as peanut butter and fruit juices in glass jars, whilst ensuring that they are hermetically sealed for the duration of their journey to the customer.”

[1] Source: IMARC Group: Peanut Butter Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2019-2024