Zipz™ Wine Single Serve

ZIPZ™ Inc. & Selig Group

The ZIPZ™ wine package is an easy-to-open wine glass made from PET resin that allows single serve consumption of wine in venues that normally would not allow glass for safety or other reasons. The package is shaped like a wine glass, so it has immediate recognition by the consumer. The zippered outer shrink sleeve allows easy access to the wine glass, thus the name 'ZIPZ'. The wine glass is sealed by an easy to remove Lift 'n' Peel™ brand induction liner. There is also a clear plastic threaded closure on the top of the ZIPZ™ that can be used as a coaster, as well as a reseal closure for the package. The PET material of the wine glass has both passive and active (scavenger) oxygen barrier features that, along with the oxygen impermeable Lift 'n' Peel™ seal, offers a 2 year shelf life for the wine.

The ZIPZ™ package development team was challenged with making an easy to open, single serve, highly recyclable, non-glass wine package that would resemble a wine glass, but also provide the shelf life required of wine. The team quickly developed a unique package that met most of these requirements but still struggled with leak prevention and oxygen ingress at the glass opening. A foil seal was chosen that met these requirements but did not support the easy opening that consumers prefer. At this point Selig’s Lift ‘n’ Peel™ easy open ½ moon tabbed induction seal liner was chosen. Since then, the package was enjoyed great success, not only in the marketplace but also in winning 2 packaging awards in the North American market.

Enjoy a ZIPZ™ wine today, available at many venues where fine wine is desired, but glass is prohibited, and at professional sports stadiums, pools, resorts, and convention centers.

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