Data Sheets

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Top 10 Issues

  1. Weak or No Seal
  2. PARTIAL SEALS | High Percentage of Leakers
  3. Partial Seals | Low Percentage of Leakers (less than 2%)
  4. Do Leakers Occur in a Common Area
  5. Excessive Removal Torque of Closure | One-Piece Liner
  6. Excessive Removal Torque of Closure | Two-Piece Liners (wax not totally absorbed)
  7. Very Little or No Removal Torques of Closure
  8. Scorched or Burnt Pulp and Induction Liner
  9. Foil Corrosion
  10. Back Bonding to Closure

All Issues

  • Pinholing
  • Pinwheeling Effect on Liner

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