Data Sheets

Package Protection

Selig, in conjunction with one of the world's preeminent companies in overt, covert and forensic technologies, JDSU, has developed an integrated and robust solution to the problems of product pilfering and package counterfeiting. JDSU's overt technologies, such as Transparent Phantom™ provide consumers and brand owners alike with an effect that is striking and instills confidence in the product and brand. Combined with other features such as Etched Foils, UV and IR inks, Microprinting, Barcodes, Multi-messages and Custom Colors, Selig can customize a solution for your needs.

Selig provides a wide variety of innerseals features for added security and protection.

Available technologies for integration into the induction liner include:

  • Color-Shift Inks
  • Etched Foil
  • UV and IR Inks
  • Micro Print
  • Barcodes
  • Custom Colors
  • Multi-Messages / Colors

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