Data Sheets

Selig's PHT™ III

This new 65 page edition provides closure manufactures and CPG's with the latest leading facts on induction sealing - available online and in hard copy, to you absolutely FREE:

  • Types and Uses of Induction Seals
  • Correctly Setting an Operating Window: Describing and outlining all the data required when designing the perfect induction sealing window.
  • Fault Diagnosis: Clear trouble shooting steps and examples to assist you eliminate weak, scorched sealing problems.
  • Closure, Bottle, and Punched Liner Geometry Recommendations: Guidance for matching the closure to the container's neck profile for even pressure, and design recommendations for liner geometry.
  • Do's and Don'ts of Setting Up an Induction Line: Learn how to set up an efficient induction line correctly, with clearly defined Do's and Don'ts.

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