Induction Seal

product datasheets induction seal

Induction sealing is a unique non-contact heating process that hermetically seals a container by adhering a foil based liner to the bottle neck, land area, of a container. Induction sealing requires little, if any, modification to an existing packaging line.

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Glue Applied

product datasheets glue applied

Glue applied lining materials consist of an aluminum foil/glassine membrane, temporarily polymer bonded to a pulp reseal board.

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Traditional Reseal Liner

product datasheets traditional reseal

Primary base liners represent the most basic approach to container sealing without tamper evidence. They range from single layer polymers to multi-layered composites of papers, films, foils, and coatings combined for specific performance attributes.

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Induction Bond

product datasheets induction bond

DUOSEAL™ Induction bonding materials are unique double-sided heat induction foil materials that permanently bond two plastic components such as a closure and container. Available with or without a core construction of foam or board, induction bonds deliver consistent bonding between a wide range of plastic packaging materials as well as foils.

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