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Uni-foam™ is a range of foam based lining materials which provide a clean and excellent solution for general purpose closure lining or wadding for both plastic and ROPP metal closures. The product line consists of expanded polyethylene (EPE) foam, a dust free, non absorbent sealing solution, as well as polystyrene foam coated with a torque activated adhesive – our Pressure Sensitive (PS) product line. Our material remains unaffected by ambient temperatures and resistant to mold growth. 

The smooth white surface adds value to the appearance of the packaging and a wide choice of densities, thicknesses and facings for our EPE foam permit the effective sealing of even the most irregular neck finishes, or aggressive of products.

*Uni-Foam™ EPE materials can be supplied as pre-cut liners or tape. Materials with identical facings on both sides are normally supplied either as tape or loose packed, liners can be supplied in roll-packed where required.

One Piece

Product Datasheet Container Compatability Sealing Characteristics
PE PET PVC PP Glass Barex Universal Clean Peel Tamper
Easy Entry
Uni-Foam™ EPE 30 Faced with PET Film Both Sides
Uni-Foam™ EPE 30 Faced Saranex Both Sides
Uni-Foam™ EPE 30/A
Uni-Foam™ EPE 30/S
Uni-Foam™ EPE 30/T
Uni-Foam™ EPE 42 Faced with PE Film Both Sides
Uni-Foam™ EPE 42 Faced with Saranex One Side
Uni-Foam™ EPE 42 Faced with Aluminum Foil/ PET Film, Backed with PET Film
Uni-Foam™ EPE 42/A
Uni-Foam™ EPE 42A Faced Aluminum Foil/PET Film One Side
Uni-Foam™ EPE 42/S
Uni-Foam™ EPE 42/M
Uni-Foam™ PS-113 (Pressure Sensitive)
Uni-Foam™ PS-F1 (Pressure Sensitive)

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