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Uni-Gard™ Induction Seal

Uni-Gard™ is a range of one piece induction seals that provide positive production benefits ranging from higher operating speeds and the flexibility to run wider operating parameters, to greater packaging confidence.

Both peel-able and welded products are available with  customer specific prints for product differentiation and to add value to your packaging.

Product Label Indication

Label Indication: 95% of respondents indicated a desire for seal indication on the label of the product when making in store decisions on purchases. View the case study.

One Piece

Product Datasheet Container Compatability Sealing Characteristics
PE PET PVC PP Glass Barex Universal Clean Peel Tamper
Easy Entry
Uni-Gard™ ISCT U5
Uni-Gard™ ISCT U10
Uni-Gard™ ISG U5
Uni-Gard™ ISG U10
Uni-Gard™ ISM U5
Uni-Gard™ ISPE/PP U5
Uni-Gard™ ISPE/PP U10
Uni-Gard™ ISPE U5
Uni-Gard™ ISPE U10
Uni-Gard™ ISPP U5
Uni-Gard™ ISPP U10
Uni-Gard™ ISPVC-PET U5
Uni-Gard™ ISPVC-PET U10
Uni-Gard™ UG220
Uni-Gard™ 312D
Uni-Gard™ UG320
Uni-Gard™ UG325
Uni-Gard™ UG412DWN
Uni-Gard™ 512D
Uni-Gard™ UG520
Uni-Gard™ UG520N
Uni-Gard™ UG627
Uni-Gard™ UG720
Uni-Gard™ UG820N
Uni-Gard™ UG925

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