Customer Focus

We will continually improve our products and processes by listening to our customers. We provide both our customers and brand owners with products and services that exceed their current and future needs.

Employee Involvement

Participation of all employees in a team approach to problem prevention and problem solving is essential to Selig’s success. Teams will be utilized across all functional areas and levels of the organization. Active employee involvement and aggressive problem solving skills are key ingredients to JIT manufacturing and continuous process improvement. We take pride in our clear accountability, constructive feedback, effective communication, positive reinforcement and the removal of all barriers to quality.

Education & Training

Appropriate job related training and retraining is conducted to ensure employees have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform each job safely and correctly the first time. Employees will be trained in the concept of variation and the use of statistical methods to control and improve product and process quality.

Focus on Safety

Selig’s policy provides safe working conditions, and follows operating practices that will safeguard employees, our products, customers and the general public. There is nothing of greater importance than the health and well being of our employees.

Supplier Involvement

Selig suppliers are part of the quality team. Selection of suppliers will be based on their proven ability to continually supply Selig with high quality products and services at competitive prices.