Lift 'n' Peel™

product datasheets induction seals liftnpeel

The Lift 'n' Peel™ easy open seal consists of a polyester tab that has been designed to be ergonomically easy to grip, flexible and extremely strong. No additional processing or equipment is required to incorporate the Lift 'n' Peel™ liner, allowing closure manufacturers to improve yield whilst using standard punching equipment to insert it. Lift 'n' Peel™ is easy to apply and remove.

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product datasheets induction seals safegard

Safe-Gard™ is the world leading two piece liner range of induction sealing materials. Safe-Gard™ lining materials are easy to use and can be glued into the cap or simply inserted behind a retention feature with no need to make changes to existing cap designs. Safe-Gard™ liners form a strong seal, which after removal, leave an aluminum residue on the container and a board re-seal in the cap.

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product datasheets induction seals foilseal

FoilSeal™ induction seals are an extensive range of one and two piece induction innerseals with various combinations of foam, board, paper, film, aluminum foil, and heat seal layers designed and engineered to create a perfect seal on almost any package.

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product datasheets induction seals deltaseal

The DELTASEAL™ range of lining materials consist of an aluminum foil coated with a heat seal layer, temporarily polymer laminated to pulp reseal board reseal backing material. The temporary polymer lamination eliminates the use of wax, creating a stable liner over a wider temperature range.

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Top Tab™

product datasheets induction seals toptab

Top Tab™ is a two-piece induction liner with a built-in half-moon tab similar to our Lift 'n' Peel™. Upon induction sealing, the pulp backing and foil based container seal are separated through the melting of the temporary wax bond. The pulp backing is retained in the cap, and the easy open ½ moon tab seal is retained to the bottle finish.

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product datasheets induction seals unigard

Uni-Gard™ is a range of one piece induction seals that provide positive production benefits ranging from higher operating speeds and the flexibility to run wider operating parameters, to greater packaging confidence. Both peelable and welded products are available with custom prints for product differentiation and to add value to your packaging.

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