Uni-Foam US™

product datasheets traditional reseal unifoam us

Uni-Foam US™ is a three-ply co-extruded white liner consisting of a closed cell foam produced from low density polyethylene (LDPE). The opaque white outer skins create a high quality visual aesthetic. The inner foam core creates a compressible yet resilient product allowing it to create a flexible seal with the container.

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product datasheets traditional reseal alphaseal

ALPHASEAL™ is a range of traditional closure liner materials consisting of either unbleached, virgin wood pulp or folding box board. These materials are available with various facings to meet specific seal performance requirements.

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C25 Foam

product datasheets traditional reseal c25 foam

C25 is a traditional reseal closure liner consisting of EPE foam. C25 Foam can be specified as an alternative to pulp backing. Optional on C25 Foam is either a PE or PET film facing.

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product datasheets traditional reseal esterfoil

Esterfoil™ is a clear PET coated aluminum foil that can be printed for brand impact. It combines low transmission rates with high chemical resistance.

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Lasan Polyester II™

product datasheets traditional reseal lasan polyester ii

Lasan Polyester II™ is a mulit-purpose lining material that combines the properties of PET/PVDC and exceptional chemical resistance. It is also used as a base liner in our FoilSeal™ E series.

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product datasheets traditional reseal pulp

Pulp is a standard gasket liner, typically used in non-liquid applications.

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product datasheets traditional reseal unifoam

Uni-Foam™ is a range of EPE foam based lining materials which provide a clean and excellent solution for general purpose closure lining or wadding for both plastic and ROPP metal closures. Our material remains unaffected by ambient temperatures and resistant to mold growth.

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product datasheets traditional reseal esterfoam

Esterfoam™ is a primary base liner with a foam core and a PET film on both sides. This product can be used as a base liner for double lined, induction applications.

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Uni-Foam™ PS


Uni-Foam™ PS is a polystyrene foam coated with a torque activated pressure sensitive adhesive. This liner will remain on the container once the closure is removed.

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