The Plastics Packaging Tax

The Plastics Packaging Tax: Will We Be Ready?

The UK Government published its policy paper on the introduction of the Plastic Packaging Tax in November. The tax aims to provide economic incentive to businesses to use recycled materials in the production of their plastics packaging.

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Glass jar sealing research puts Selig on top

Glass Jar Sealing Research Puts Selig on Top

A new series of independent tests performed to discover the best way to seal glass jars has put Selig’s GlassFuze™ on top. The research was commissioned by a peanut butter producer following complaints from customers relating to product spoilage.

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weight loss for plastic packaging

A Weight-loss Programme for Plastic Packaging

Companies are under increasing pressure to reduce the amount of plastics used, leading many to work towards ‘lightweighting’ their packaging designs. Selig highlights the results achievable when lightweighting is coupled with induction heat sealing.

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sealing the deal with hygienic to open packaging

Sealing the Deal with Hygienic-to-Open Packaging

With the rise in popularity of vitamins, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals owing to the increased focus on health and well-being, the demand for appropriate packaging has also risen.

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slashing food waste with induction heat seals

Slashing Food Waste With Induction Heat Seals

Food waste has been in the headlines for a long time and with current supply chain challenges, making the most of resources is more in focus than normal. Selig's Darren Dodd discusses how induction seals can have a big impact on reducing food waste.

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easy access the need to design inclusive packaging

Easy Access: The Need to Design Inclusive Packaging

Packaging must be robust, tamper-proof and leak-free, but, as the global population continues to age, it must also be easy to open. This can be a tricky balance to strike, but Selig reveals that a robust solution already exists.

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glass sealing adds spice

Glass-Sealing Adds Spice to Packaging

Demand for herbs and spices in glass packaging may be good for the planet, but it leads to challenges – particularly when it comes to sealing. Selig outlines a solution.

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