Ideal for Healthcare Packaging

Top Tab™ 2 TamperSeal is the first two-piece induction seal that offers consumer convenience, tamper evidence and is less likely to introduce pathogens to the package upon initial opening. TamperSeal is ideal for healthcare packaging as it also meets standards for hermeticity and container reseal.

The Benefits

The benefits of the half-moon tab extend beyond the traditional easy to open experience when combined with tamper-indicating functionality. The avoidance of using an unclean tool or unwashed finger to break through the liner prevents contaminants from entering the package or transferring to residual lining material. After TamperSeal removal, the consumer is left with a clean and smooth land area optimizing reseal integrity.


Reseal Integrity

Hygenic Access

Consumer Convenience

Top Tab™ 2 TamperSeal is available for use with HDPE containers, and provides a consistent peel strength and a large induction process window. Applications currently using Safe-Gard™ 100 can benefit from expedited testing and approval as Top Tab™ 2 TamperSeal uses the same heat seal (product contact) material.

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