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Product Innovations: Top Tab™ 2

Top Tab™ 2 induction foil is a two-piece induction liner with a built-in half-moon tab for ease of removal of the innerseal foil. A backing liner ensures the package can be resealed and still provide leak prevention and maintain a degree of freshness.

Easier Sealing, Easier Peeling

  • Top Tab™ 2 - New easy open tab consists of a twin construction of polyester that has been designed to be ergonomically easy to grip, flexible and extremely strong.
  • With a wide variety of standard prints available, you can also tailor the Top Tab™ 2 print design to complement your brand or your target audience
  • A fully supported 360° polyester film prevents distortion and improves the easy open functionality.
  • The proven track record of Selig’s clean peel technology is incorporated into the Top Tab™ 2 ensuring easy removal from the container with no unsightly residue.


Perfect for use on

  • Automotive Products
    • Motor oil, windshield washer fluid, gas treatments, lubricants
  • Household Chemicals
    • Cleaning supplies, concentrates, bleach
  • Cosmetics


Container Compatibility & Technical Data Sheets

Material Product Data Sheet
PET & PVC .020" Pulp TT2-518 Download
.035" Pulp TT2-518 Download
PE & PP .020" Pulp TT2-562 Download
.035" Pulp TT2-562 Download
Automotive fluid bottle with induction seal

Top Tab™ 2 Sample Request

We will contact you after receiving your sample request and will provide you will sample sheets or sample rolls where applicable.

Sample Material

Pulp Reseal Liner
Induction Seal Options .020" Pulp .035" Pulp
For use with PET & PVC containers
For use with PE & PP containers
I need a recommendation
Please contact me to help decide the proper material

Improved Heat Distribution

Top Tab™ 2's improved construction allows it to meet ever increasing demands. A two piece induction seal liner must be run through the induction sealer with the proper settings to receive the energy needed to create a hermetic seal to the container as well as provide enough heat to allow for wax melt and separation of the pulp reseal liner. This allows the pulp reseal liner to remain in the closure when it is opened by the consumer. Too little energy and the seal may not bond to the container, or the wax bonded pulp might not separate from the seal. Too much energy, the material will begin to degrade and show signs of scorching. Improved heat distribution ensures that the heat generated through induction is evenly dispersed across the entire seal, ensuring consistent wax absorption.

Larger Sealing Window

Top Tab™ 2 widens the induction sealing window, allowing you more flexibility in line speed and the induction power setting. A larger sealing window allows you to achieve a consistent seal that has uniform wax separation between the foil seal and pulp reseal liner and a hermetic seal between the foil seal and container that is easily removed by the consumer.

Induction Dwell Time (Seconds)

Improved Appearance and Removal

We looked at all aspects of Top Tab™ including the look of Top Tab™. The new construction of the material eliminates the creases and wrinkles previously visible in the foil. Also, a stronger construction means a clean, one piece removal using the ergonomic tab.

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