The Benefits

Uni-Foam US™ is a three-ply co-extruded white liner consisting of a closed cell foam produced from low density polyethylene (LDPE). The opaque white outer skins create a high-quality visual aesthetic. The inner foam core creates a compressible yet resilient product allowing it to create a flexible seal with the container. Uni-Foam US ™ is fully compliant with EU regulations.

Chemically Resistant

Excellent chemical resistance and barrier


Hygienic Seal

Dust free and microbial growth resistant


A closed cell, non-absorbent foam liner

Perfect for These Markets


Cleaning Products


Personal Care

Upgrade Your Product Packaging

Standard Reseal

Uni-Foam US standard reseal

This standard reseal liner protects the product from contamination.

Upscale Aesthetic

The smooth, opaque white outer skins of the liner create a high quality aesthetic.

Low Density Options

Uni-Foam US low density

A low density, resilient, smooth foam liner – a more sustainable option

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